YouTube FAQ

Q: Are there any risks associated with using your YouTube marketing services?

A: NO! We have been doing this for a long time and we only use white hat methods that are approved by youtube. Your account is 100% safe.

Q: How are your prices so low?

A: Social marketing is the only thing that we do. This allows us to focus on one area, and keep our prices low due to the large amount of orders coming in. We dont believe in charging a fortune for something that can be done for a lot less

Q: Why does my view counter seem to be frozen at 300?

A: YouTube only updates video counter in real time for videos under 300 views. Once 300 views mark is
reached YouTube switches to a 6-12 hour updating rate for the view counter.

Q: Is there anything I can or cannot do while my YouTube marketing campaign is being completed?

A: No, there are no restrictions while your marketing campaign is running. Please just use your YouTube account as your normally would.

Q: Do you have reseller or affiliate opportunities available?

A: Yes, we do offer discount rates for our affiliates and resellers. If you are interested in reselling our service, please visit our Support Page and submit a ticket with your interest and we will respond with more details.

Bulk Social Media Testimonials

I just got 5,000 fans on my Facebook business page from Bulk Social Media in just a matter of weeks and already I have seen my traffic and conversions increase! Thank you.

Today I noticed my Twitter followers have increased from 110 to 1163, the services that provides is exactly as promised. I am now trying some other social media marketing packages and am leaving my social media to these guys from now on.

Awesome services with very reasonable prices. I will definitely be using BulkSocialMedia.Com again for sure. Thanks again for helping me get my business off the ground.


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